Online Sneaker Consignment

What are Online Sneaker Consignment Shops?

What is up sneaker heads. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the best reseller websites and sneaker consignments stores. As far as you know there’s tons of reseller websites out there there’s so many but I decided to just get a little list together and basically show you guys because there are people out there who don’t have the time to do the research and put this list together themselves. I’m here to provide you with real information so you do not get scammed on websites like Craigslist, Facebook, some Chinese website and other websites. In order to find the best websites, it is important to learn the reputations of major online resellers. I made this video to show people where the legit sellers are, especially since the reseller industry is now a billion dollar cash industry, which means there are more and more people scamming.


eBay is pretty interesting, you’re going to get access to sellers from across the world. The pro is that you will have a higher chance of finding the sneakers you want. The con is that you might have to deal with fakes. eBay has a good protection service so you might have to pay top dollars.


Next up we have Facebook sneaker groups. I would say the Facebook sneaker groups only became popular in the past three or four years but they are very helpful and finding the sneakers.  What I really like about them is you could join a local Facebook group that has a lot of benefits to it. If you’re gonna buy a pair of cakes you can see if you have any mutual friends with the seller. Sometimes people like to hook you up because you’re from the same area and you could go on the sellers Facebook and kind of get a feel if they’re trustworthy or not. If you see that they post a lot of pictures with guns and knives stay away from that but if they got a lot of family pics and seemed pretty friendly, that’s a good sign. I’m a pretty big fan of the Facebook groups because it’s a great way to meet other sneaker heads locally talk about some releases in your area.


Next up we have a route that a lot of people like to go through Craigslist. A lot of people look at Craigslist is kind of like the Facebook sneaker group without the friendly community aspect of it. There’s not one clear way to screen-test someone when you’re buying a pair of kicks on. My advice would be just to kind of get a feel for them after you hit them up and if they want to meet in a dark alleyway rather than a Starbucks to me that’s the red flag so my ultimate tip for Craigslist would just be careful when you’re meeting someone up so that means meaning in a public spot and doing a legit check on the shoes and bringing someone with you to the Meetup and when I say bring someone I don’t mean you’re like five-year-old sister or your old grandma I’m talking about someone that will do something if something shady goes down.

Consignment Shops

Now we also have consignment shops like Flight Club, RIFLA, Stadium Goods and more. They are a great place to buy sneakers but expect to PAY a huge premium. Many resellers will line up and flip their sneakers to consignment stores and make a killing doing so. Most consignment shops will take anywhere from 10-20% of the selling price and give the 80-90% back to the seller.