Your Easy Guide to Dealing with Online Consignment Shops

Isn’t it heart-breaking and frustrating to have closets full of designer staples that you have outgrown, or cannot wear because they aren’t trendy anymore? It’s not just about your precious dresses, jewelry items or shoes just lying around, but more importantly, it’s about all that money you invested and can no longer make use of.

So, why not sell off these unusable designer items, and redeem all the cash, maybe twice as more the amount that you invested in them? There are plenty of online consignment shop that will find buyers for your gently used designer wear, and help you make the most out of your wardrobe sale.

In modern times, consignment shopping is all the rage, and economically savvy fashionistas have actually turned it into a regular business. They pick out high-end designer labels, and sell them off for twice their price tags. Then of course, there are shopaholics who don’t really mind flaunting clothes that have already been flaunted before, because they get to reap amazing bargains at highly coveted designer labels.

Be sure not to confuse an online consignment shop for a thrift store where you can buy festival costumes or vintage clothing. These are, in fact high-end luxury boutiques that buy your gently-used designer wear, and sell it off to new buyers, seeking low prices and premium quality clothing. You can always hunt down boutiques with a physical presence, but selling your used designer labels online is a much more convenient, smarter and impersonal way to handle this kind of transactions.

Why Sell or Buy through an Online Consignment shop?

Online consignment shops are poles apart from second hand fashion stores, because not only does it offer quality products, but also, it allows the consignee a great deal of autonomy and control. The consign gets a fair share of the profits redeemed from the items sold, and in the instance the item has failed to sell, the consignee can always withdraw the item, or sell it for a reduced price.

As a seller, you are at a great advantage if you have designer pieces that are highly covetable and exclusive, because then you can attract lots of buyers and charge a hefty price-tag for the purchase.

Buying at consignment shop is equally amazing. You get to browse through an inventory of high-end luxury labels at amazingly attractive discounted prices. Most consignment shops donate their revenues to several charities, so that allows you an opportunity to contribute to the society.

Pros & Cons

There are several advantages to shopping from a consignment outlet, for instance you get to get rid of your old, outgrown labels by cashing them out. If you can hunt down high-end designer pieces on a regular basis, you can actually turn it into a little side-line. And as a buyer, could there be anything better than stocking luxury brands at half their actual price?

But like all supposedly good things in life, online consignment shopping too has a downfall. As a buyer, you often feel deprived of variety, and specific trends that you may be looking to shop. It’s incredibly easy to end up with a fake label at the price of a real one, and since most sites don’t perform quality controls, you have to rely on the reviews posted by other users.

As a seller, you often have to haggle with the owners for your share of the profits. Most sites offer a 30-40% share, while some offer even less. Haggling is your best weapon when you have a high-end luxury item, and the store you’re targeting has nothing compared to its quality. Having covetable items is a great trick to make your own prices and raise your profits.

Here are some tips that might help:

1.    Steer Clear of Fake Products

If you’re shopping at an online consignment shop, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the details and features of the item you’re buying from its actual brand. From the logo, zipper, lining and stitching to the handles, fabrics and cuts, be sure to scrutinize every little detail before you process your transaction.

2.    Reliable Websites

Always shop or sell at reliable website with a big user audience, and a trust-worthy professional outlook. Some of these websites include, Vinted, The Real Real, Schoola, Rebagg, Thred up, Poshmark, and Walk in my Closet.

3.    Sell with a Strategy

If you are selling some highly covetable luxury items, be sure to make your own prices and pick out the right time to make your sales. Experts believe that the ideal times include the days before holidays, when everyone is seeking to make some money or buy some gifts, and the days after the holiday season, when everyone wants to dispose useless gifts or spend some money. So, pick out the right time, narrow out your competition, and demand the consignment service to pay you a larger cut of the profits.